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Wesley LifeForce was established in 1995 by Rev Bob Dunlop, a former Minister of Wesley Mission, in response to the growing number of youth suicides in Australia. Since then, we have delivered suicide prevention training to over 33 000 Australians, held Memorial Days across the country for those bereaved by suicide and in 2016/17 supported over 75 member and affiliate suicide prevention networks nationwide.

The Wesley LifeForce program involves suicide prevention workshops as well as support for local suicide prevention networks. Wesley LifeForce is national and aims to make local networks strong and effective. 

Wesley LifeForce Community Hub is a key part of this support. Member and affiliate member networks around the country can find resources to help them develop and grow their networks. 

There is information to help make your network operate effectively such as marketing collateral, meeting templates, and governance guidelines. There are tips on how to generate financial support for your network and how to engage with the media. You can also take a look at what other networks are doing and access current information about other suicide prevention resources and services.

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